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(Theatre - Chekhov)

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Mia, 1998
(Original Monologue)


Pump Girl
(Monologue by Abbie Spallen)


(The Good House)

Amsterdam Ave

WEB SERIES // 2019

Amsterdam Ave is a new streaming series that follows the journeys of Maya and Kyran as they tackle new lives in two starkly different, but equally challenging cities: Amsterdam and NYC. I played Troy, a gender non-conforming classmate of Maya's in the prestigious Manhattan Academy of Dramatic Arts. Troy (they/them) is the spiritual genius of the group, always seeking to dig deeper and connect to their classmates on another level, maybe even another plane of existence. 

Directed by Amanda Hanna-McLeer, and featuring Catherine Curtin, this series will premier Winter 2019.  For updates and announcements, follow @amsterdamave.theseries and subscribe to Fountain Productions on YouTube

The Bogo Stick

SHORT FILM // 2018

Directed by Leah Caddigan, this short film follows Nikki Harris as she navigates her first big scoop as a young journalist in the cut-throat world of business politics. After months of digging and persistently chasing a promising lead, she finally cinches the evidence she needs to expose the CEO of a major corporation, Mr. Grayson. In this scene, she gets the opportunity at last to confront him.

Just Friends
SHORT FILM // 2018

Abby and Chris have been friends since middle school, and after losing touch then reconnecting in New York, Chris is ready to move beyond friendship into something more. But it's not 6th grade anymore, and Abby isn't going to be easy to convince that they were meant to be more. 

Directed by Justin Onne' this simple, yet deep story follows two friends as they navigate their way through young adulthood and try to determine what they mean to each other.