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boys will be boys by melissa bubnic

PLAY // 2020 (postponed)

Directed by Lily Dorment, this "rude, raucous, song-filled satire" (The Guardian) features cabaret music and an all-female cast in Melissa Bubnic's exhilarating US Premiere that skewers workplace sexism and all who enable it - regardless of their gender.

Astrid Wentworth is at the top of her game. A superstar trader in the male-dominated world of banking and high finance. She is ruthless and relentless, but she's always played by the boys' rules to get to the top. So when Astrid takes on protegee Priya, she is the perfect person to help this ambitious young woman navigate the industry - as long as Priya's willing to listen.

I play Harrison, the privileged son of a high-powered figure in the financial world who dreams of being a comedian. Egged on by the toxic masculinity that's engulfed him in this environment, Harrison shows that even the most well-meaning person can become just as despicable as their surroundings. 

recent work

bar dykes by merril mushroom

PLAY // 2019

Produced by The Other Side of Silence, and directed by Virginia Baeta and Mark Finley, the audience stepped behind a nondescript door where it found a very distinct clientele and world of butches and femmes.  Playwright Mushroom, drawing on her experiences as a lesbian in the Deep South and New York City in the pre-Stonewall era, transports us into the hidden subculture of lesbian society in mid-century America, and into the women and their relationships in a precarious time.

Follow 11 bar dykes as they drink, dance, date, duke it out, and grab a few undisturbed moments. Bar Dykes was an immersive staging so the audience could experience and eavesdrop on a girls’ night out captured in time as it once was. I played Bette, a fiesty former Femme turned Butch who is struggling with her place in the community. It was an incredible ensemble, one I was very proud to be a part of. 

Premiered at The Flea Theater in New York City, July 11-Aug 3. 

GGG by andy evan cohen

PLAY // 2019

Premiering as part of NyLon Fusion's monthly series "This Round's On Us", GGG was a new raunchy comedy with a heart of gold. I played Diane, a very experienced member of the kink community who's tried everything, or so she thinks. Her first night with Miguel, a sincere and vanilla lover, shows her she might still have more to learn.

Directed by Sarah Norris (Artistic Director of New Light Theatre Project), and produced by NyLon Fusion for an benefit evening of plays that also premiered a new John Patrick Shanley piece. 

Photos by Joe Loper Photography

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