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This 8-week course offers students the opportunity to develop their on-camera acting skills, specifically focusing on crafting a self-tape audition. Actors will be assigned audition sides from TV and Film screenplays, then work with those texts to build fundamental script analysis skills, learn how to bring themselves to a role, and practice crafting an arc for the scene. Through in-class taping and some outside preparation, students will gain a practical toolset that they can carry into their own auditions including blocking for the camera, prop usage, and visual storytelling. Upon completion, each actor will have access to their in-class tapes that they can then use for their own promotional materials. 

This class is intended for beginner and intermediate actors and will require some outside work. 


This class is offered as part of The Actor's Conservatory Studio Program

Dates: June 4 - July 23, 2024 (8 classes)

Time: Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: In-person at The Tiffany Center 1410 SW Morrison St., Suite 501

Cost: $200

Whether you're looking to improve your audition skills, turn in that perfect self-tape, or hone your craft in a one-on-one setting, a private session can help propel your work to the next level. I'm now offering the chance to work with me for monologue coaching, self-tape coaching, and technique coaching. These sessions can be booked as singular or recurring appointments. Students will have the opportunity to film their progress and use the footage for their reels.



The New School for Drama; New York, NY

Master’s of Fine Arts; Graduated May 2015 (GPA- 3.8)

Pacific Lutheran University; Tacoma, WA

Theatre BFA Major, English Minor; Graduated May 2012 (GPA- 3.87)

Teaching Experience

Nov 2023-current

The Studio Northwest; Portland, OR

Teacher: Self-Tape Technique workshops

  • Facilitate educational discussion on the technique and expectation of self-tape auditioning

  • Assign sides for students to work on in class

  • Guide actors through in-class work on sides

  • Give notes to increase each actor's understanding of the techniques discussed

Sept 2022-April 2023

Cathedral Park Performing Arts Collective; Portland, OR

Teacher: Improv for Actors: Fundamentals through Play

  • Create curriculum for a weekly course over the fall semester

  • Introduce the fundamentals of storytelling, story analysis, and scripted & unscripted acting

  • Guide new actors through improv & acting exercises 

  • Structure etude explorations of improvised scenarios

Jan 2020-May 2021

Columbia University; New York, NY

Teaching Assistant to Peter Jay Fernandez’s 1st year Scene Study course

  • Assist Peter Jay in administrative duties 

  • Provide feedback to students after their scene work

  • Provide post-graduate counseling to students to give an early-career artist’s perspective 

July 2019-Sept 2021

Independent Analysis Through Action Workshops; New York, NY

Workshop Teacher

  • Create curriculum for a 2-day Analysis Through Action Workshop

  • Teach the history/lineage of the Russian development of Analysis Through Action

  • Lead étude explorations for 8-10 students from various plays

  • Provide feedback to students after their étude work

  • Introduce new script analysis techniques based on the Analysis Through Action work

  • Provide overall feedback to students after the entire workshop

Sept 2016- Jan 2019

The New School for Drama; New York, NY

Associate Teacher/Teaching Asst. to David Chambers’ 1st & 2nd year courses

  • Assisted David in explanations of Analysis through Action technique

  • Collaborated with David to set curriculum

  • Coached students through script analysis assignments 

  • Led étude explorations of scenes from The Cherry Orchard

  • Led independent rehearsals for technique work with The Seagull

  • Led physical warm-ups for each session

  • Crafted and led physical explorations of storytelling

  • Liaison between students and other faculty

  • Collected written assignments

Jan 2016- March 2017

Cotter Smith Independent Study; New York, NY

Teaching Asst. to Cotter’s ongoing workshop series

  • Assisted Cotter in administrative duties

  • Provided feedback to students after their étude work

  • Introduced and led new components of the Analysis Through Action technique

  • Assisted Cotter with integration of new technique exercises 

Sept 2018- Dec 2018

Circle in the Square Theatre School; New York, NY

Guest Teaching Artist

  • Crafted and led physical explorations of storytelling

  • Introduced Analysis Through Action technique

  • Led étude explorations of the technique with provided scenes

  • Assisted Masque teacher with integration of technique

Email Angie to stay up to date on upcoming workshops and classes
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