I've spent the last 5 years studying Analysis through Action under Cotter Smith and David Chambers, and the last 2 years teaching the technique at The New School for Drama. In response to the demand for more opportunities to explore this work, I'm offering the only class outside of a training program that teaches this technique. 
When it is next safe to gather indoors, I'll be hosting a weekend workshop to explore the Analysis through Action technique. Students will first gain a fundamental understanding of what an Étude is through energetic explorations, before then using the 4 Étude Structure to dive into assigned text and get to the raw, physical heart of the scene. In doing so, they will discover an action-based method of script analysis that will free them from The Table, and provide tools for using this process for auditions and more traditional American Theatre rehearsals. 


So many of the actors I've taught have asked me how Étude work can be applied to the modern American industry--how do we take the great freedom we feel when working in an Étude, and bring it in with us to the pressurized situation of an audition?

​Through honing my own audition craft and intense study of the Analysis through Action technique, I've developed a pathway to help each actor answer that question; one that focuses on learning the story rather than the lines, cultivating presence, and igniting unique and creative choices, therefore giving the actor the same freedom they feel in their etude work.

I'm currently accepting new clients, and I'm very excited about working with actors who are already familiar (in whatever degree) with the Analysis through Action work. I will provide the studio space and I accept cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App payments. Please contact me for rates.

Photos by Joe Loper Photography

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